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We wish to inform all visitors to the Interpaws website that as from December 31st 2014 we will cease all international animal transportationin order to expand the Dog Behaviour Training side of the busines.

All enqiries for Dog Behaviour Trainingmay be made to the same contact addresses and telephone numbers here on the website.

We send our greatful thanks to all our loyal clients


January trip is, back to UK leaves Spain January 9th. Returning from UK to Spain, leaving UK January 15th This trip is now full






Interpaws –

Pet taxi, Transport and couriers from Spain to UK & UK to Spain 689 742 289



Why choose Interpaws as the company to transport your pet?


       Because we, the owners of the business (Janette & Howard Murphy) are dedicated animal lovers with many years of experience in the care, training, transportation and re-homing of many different pets.
      We take pride in our work and have been in business here in Spain for over twenty years, speaking fluent Spanish and working in harmony with the vets at Clinica Santa Pola to ensure the well-being of all the animals that pass through our hands. We are at present developing contacts within the French and British veterinarian communities in order to maintain the same level of care throughout the journeys we make with your pets.

The Development of This Business.

      Interpaws is the natural development of those years of experience; when friends needed a comfortable, stress-free and reliable way to send their pets on a journey, we were happy to help and so the idea to create Interpaws was born.
      When your pet travels with us, whatever the breed, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth, stress-free service with friendly, personal service at all times. All transactions can be conducted simply and quickly by email and printed out for reference if necessary, thus avoiding misunderstandings.


Pricing Guarentee.

      And using Interpaws means you won’t have to worry about any costly hidden extras; the total cost of your pet’s journey will be quoted, not estimated, once we have all your pet’s details, and the price quoted is the only amount you will have to pay. We offer a small discount of 5% for returning clients.


Interpaws Pet Courier your choice


Looking for a pet courier? Interpaws are the answer to your pet transportation needs. Make Interpaws your first pet transport choice and you’ll ensure a safe, carefree journey for your much-loved little companion. We are pet couriers with 25 years’ experience in transporting pets around Europe, and we pride ourselves on our promise that we’ll take your pet wherever you decide in safety and comfort.


Interpaws Pet Courier Guarantee


Unlike other pet couriers, we guarantee never to leave your pet alone or in any kind of discomfort and we only use highly-trained, animal-loving staff members on all journeys. We make pet-rests every few hours and only use pet-friendly hotels during the journey, which is made in hygienic, air-conditioned Ford Transit vans. Interpaws pet couriers supply clean, fresh drinking water and food for all pets in our care during their journey, and pets are within the carer’s field of vision at all times. We only use spacious crates which give your pet maximum comfort and limb movement and our carers are constantly vigilant so as to make sure your pet’s space is clean and dry at all times.


Interpaws Pet Courier Planned Route.



Since Interpaws are based in the Alicante region of Spain, transportation costs are based on the journey from Gran Alacant to Folkestone but we’re happy to give you an economical quote for wherever you need to send your pet. Our pet courier service uses the Channel Tunnel train to reach the UK which is fast and efficient and which eliminates the suffering many pets experience on a sea crossing.


Planning your journey.

Timing is all important for your travel plans, so it is always best to plan well ahead when possible. This is why we set our dates of travel to the first customer who books and pays a deposit for any particular journey. If you have a date you want to travel plan and book early so we can fit our dates to suit your needs.



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